Digital Consumer Retail Report

  • RETAIL TRENDS: How retailers can harness digital to capture the consumer in 2020 and beyond

    Have you identified the retail pain points driving your customers away? Do you know how to leverage technology to deliver the perfect customer experiences? Take the guesswork out of your innovation investment programme. Download our latest report, supported by research involving a UK-representative sample of 2,000 shoppers, which reveals exactly what excites and annoys consumers, both online and in-store. It also pinpoints areas where technology can be leveraged to get ahead of the competition in this fiercely contested industry.

    Packed with actionable insights, our research tackles a wide range of critical topics, revealing:

    • What the perfect in-store experience looks like in 2020
    • What consumers really think about digital payment solutions
    • How to perform the ideal ecommerce delivery
    • How to maximise store staff impact and ROI
    • The antidote to chaotic store layouts
    • What shoppers really think of click-and-collect
    • The demographic most enthusiastic about in-store tech (clue: it isn’t Millennials!)
    Find out how leading retailers are using digital to captivate the consumer in 2020. Download our report and discover how deploying a carefully curated tech mix, can attract, nurture and convert customers the full length of their buying journey — both online and in-store.

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