2020 Agenda


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  • Creating a digital workplace – achieving operational goals without sacrificing customer service

    Wednesday10:30 - 10:5529 Apr 2020
    TrIED It Talks

    More information coming soon

    • Language: English

  • CASE STUDY: Mobile back-office operations management – Mobile BOOM

    Wednesday11:45 - 12:1529 Apr 2020
    IT + Operations Stage

    Efforts to be efficient, fast and accurate in all in-store operations in combination with a lack of people is making today’s retail even more challenging. A lar...

    • Language: English

  • PANEL: Inside out – Structuring your business for long-term survival

    Wednesday12:00 - 12:5029 Apr 2020
    Headline Stage

    Changes in consumer behaviours, technological advancements, increasing cost-pressures and economic uncertainty are combining to create a perfect storm for the r...

    • Language: English

  • CASE STUDY: Same problems, new solutions – How task management is leading the way for innovation

    Wednesday13:20 - 13:5029 Apr 2020
    IT + Operations Stage

    Sometimes the best decisions are made when you think outside the box, therefore, harnessing the right technology is more important than ever to ensure operation...

    • Language: English

  • CASE STUDY: Voice is all you need – Bringing voice-based technology to your in-store teams

    Wednesday14:05 - 14:3529 Apr 2020
    IT + Operations Stage

    Voice-based tech such as Alexa and Google is now commonplace in most homes giving easy access to information and integrated systems. Imagine giving the same abi...

    • Language: English

  • PEOPLE MASTERCLASS - Chair’s introduction

    Thursday10:30 - 10:4030 Apr 2020

    Short introduction from the Chair

    • Language: English

  • PEOPLE MASTERCLASS - CASE STUDY: People Power at River Island

    Thursday10:40 - 11:0530 Apr 2020

    River Island celebrated it’s 30th year on the high street last year. In that time, there has been an unprecedented amount of change. River Island has been able ...

    • Language: English

  • PANEL: Harnessing data to improve store design, operations and customer experience

    Thursday11:00 - 11:3030 Apr 2020
    In-Store Experience Stage

    Collecting in-store data – what to measure in-store and technologies and solutions enabling data collection Overlaying and integrating data to get the full p...

    • Language: English

  • PEOPLE MASTERCLASS - CASE STUDY: Moving into the Store of the Future

    Thursday11:10 - 11:3530 Apr 2020

    As Browns celebrates its 50th year in 2020, the iconic retailer renowned for embracing the new in Fashion will open the doors to a revolutionary retail experien...

    • Language: English

  • Delivering experiences at scale

    Thursday11:40 - 12:0530 Apr 2020
    TrIED It Talks

    Consistently delivering 'new' or 'improved' shopping experiences is now paramount to retaining loyal customers and ensuring unique brand engagements. With numer...

    • Language: English

  • PEOPLE MASTERCLASS - CASE STUDY: Learnings from our online solution to improve wellbeing in retail

    Thursday11:40 - 12:0530 Apr 2020

    In 2018, and in an industry first, seven UK retailers joined forces to address solutions for improving staff mental health. With expertise from Samaritans, they...

    • Language: English

  • PEOPLE MASTERCLASS - PANEL: Leveraging technology to be tomorrow’s employer of choice

    Thursday12:10 - 12:5530 Apr 2020

    From the shop-floor sales assistant, to warehouse workers, to the CEO, as the retail industry evolves, so too must retail professionals. This panel will examine...

    • Language: English