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AM Plus d.o.o. (HubTie)

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Only complete CPQ (Configure price quote), CRM, CMS and ERP solution on the market. Our company provides closed solution for SME with all-in-one solution. Gain client's through custom customer journey (CPQ, eCommerce or mPOS), order and stock managment, live stock feed, market your products with CRM and get another customer retation. Innovative smart system.


  • CPQ

    Custom made CPQ system for SME. We already deployed some system with distributor-b2c customer policies.

  • ERP

    Easly manage invoicing, stocks, order managment with combination of other CRM, CMS solutions provided by our company.

  • CRM

    Only provider with broad solution on CRM, CMS, CPQ and ERP system.

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    AM Plus d.o.o. (HubTie)
    Valburga 82, Smlednik Slovenia 1216 Slovenia
    Tel:  +48 +38640581016


  1. Product Categories
    Data & Analytics
    • Artificial Intelligence
    E-commerce & M-commerce
    • E-Commerce Platforms
    • Mobile Commerce Solutions
    • Multi-Channel Solutions
    • CRM
    • Digital Marketing
    • Cloud Solutions
    Supply Chain & Logistics
    • ERP
    • Inventory Management
    • Warehouse Management
  2. Geographical regions
    UK & Ireland
    Rest of the World
  3. Target visitors
    Banking/Financial Services
    Cash & Carry / Wholesaler
    Department Store
    Pure Play
    • Electricals
    • Home & DIY
    • Leisure
    • Multiple
    Specialist Retailer
    • Pets