CASE STUDY: How a customer experience vision can transform your business

CASE STUDY: How a customer experience vision can transform your business

29 Apr 2020, 11:05 - 11:35

In-Store Experience Stage

With the threat from digital disruptors and growing disillusionment over property ownership from ‘Generation Rent’, Knight Frank needed to focus on introducing a strong customer experience strategy in order to stay competitive in a difficult market and keep their customers happy in-branch and beyond. Working with creative agency Dalziel & Pow, the brand made the vital shift from sales-centric estate agent to customer-centric property partner, transforming their entire business in the process. This session will explore the key changes that Knight Frank made in order to become an award-winning customer experience expert with the ability to better engage, support and anticipate evolving customer needs.

  • Putting the customer first - how exploring customer journeys, mapping out pain points and reinventing your customer service can lead to proven results
  • The power of your people - how investing in staff training, creating customer experience ambassadors and celebrating the human touch can revitalise the in-branch experience
  • Creating smarter spaces - how a visible expression of CX strategy can provide a platform for people and an advert for exceptional service, helping to empower innovative behaviours and allowing customers to feel at home
  • ‘Speak Frankly’ - how evolving your tone of voice and removing industry jargon can improve communication with customers and ultimately increase referrals and revenue
  • Bring the business with you - how to engage and empower your entire company to turn a customer experience vision into something actionable for everybody, everyday - whether they’re customer-facing or not


  • Enna Khan


    Head of Customer Experience, Operations and Strategy

    Knight Frank

    From folding towels at John Lewis' to setting up a new business at Amazon, Enna has been involved in customer experience for over 20 years. She cares...

  • Michelle Bower


    Associate Director - Creative Strategy

    Dalziel & Pow

    I help global brands define their next chapter of business growth through insights, strategy and ideas. If I’m not hosting lively client workshops,...