CASE STUDY: Mobile back-office operations management – Mobile BOOM

CASE STUDY: Mobile back-office operations management – Mobile BOOM

29 Apr 2020, 11:45 - 12:15

IT + Operations Stage

Efforts to be efficient, fast and accurate in all in-store operations in combination with a lack of people is making today’s retail even more challenging. A large number of business processes can be recorded on mobile or tablet devices. Checking prices and stock is just one of them. What is more important is that every transaction like receiving of goods, returns, write-offs or stock transfer is directly visible in your ERP system. This session will share how the biggest retail chain in Croatia has improved efficiency, speed and accuracy of all in-store operations using android mobile devices.

  • Understanding the key operational issues for Konzum hypermarket in Croatia
  • Benefits of completing in store operations on your mobile phone
  • How we have sped up daily store activities and made the day-to-day work easier for our employees
  • Improving accuracy and visibility of transactions through a central ERP system


  • Jozo Džakula


    Chief Information Officer

    Konzum plus

    Experienced Chief Information Officer at Konzum plus with a demonstrated history of working in the retail industry. Skilled in Business Process,...

  • Tomislav Peras


    Head of Sales and Marketing


    Head of Sales and Marketing at PIS d.o.o. For the last ten years, he has led offices, sales and marketing while providing technical consulting to...