PANEL: Innovating new business models to meet the expectations of ever-evolving consumers

PANEL: Innovating new business models to meet the expectations of ever-evolving consumers

30 Apr 2020, 12:05 - 12:55

Headline Stage

Consumer behaviours and buying habits are shifting rapidly, and retailers must think about their business models to align to these changing priorities. The days of traditional bricks and mortar retail are gone, with models such as pure play eCommerce, D2C, rentals, subscriptions, auto-replenishment, storefront-as-a-service, re-commerce, and more growing in prevalence. This panel of experts will examine how retailers are embracing change and developing new innovative ways to do business and stay relevant in the fast-moving retail landscape.

  • Where and how to connect with consumers today
  • Innovating business models to meet the needs of different consumer groups
  • Aligning existing brands and services under to deliver complete proposition
  • Examining the pros and cons of different models
  • Ensuring new business models fit with your brand and aims
  • Tech and digital solutions enabling new business models
  • Differentiating yourself from the competition
  • Exploring and learning from cutting-edge retail innovation around the world
  • What will the industry look like in 2/5/20 years? How can retailers remain relevant?


  • Nicola Thompson


    Chief Operating Officer

    Nicola Thompson, Chief Operating Officer at, has over 15 years’ experience working in high growth, direct to consumer, ecommerce brands. She...

  • Isabella West


    CEO and Founder


    Isabella West is the founder of Hirestreet, the UK’s leading affordable fashion rental service. With over half a million site users, Hirestreet...

  • Johan Quintus


    Head of International


    Johan is UNTUCKit’s Head of International, and has recently overseen the menswear brand’s recent expansion into the UK, its first out of the US, and...

  • Karen Bendell



    Retail Collective

    Karen Bendell has worked in the retail sector for over 25 years and has experience of rapid turnaround and growing brands through retail, wholesale,...