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  • Automatic Payroll Processing

    Company:   SameSystem A/S

    Eliminate the need for anyone to do salary calculations with SameSystem’s automatic payroll processing. The system takes into account salary suppl...

  • Colleague Hub

    Company:   Red Ant

    Invest in your most valuable assets and create an employee experience that turns store associates into brand ambassadors. Our employee engagement apps...

  • Digital Contract Flow

    Company:   SameSystem A/S

    Have total control over how and where your contracts and documents are stored, managed and tracked with SameSystem's Digital Contract Flow. Create con...

  • Employee Self-Service (ESS)

    Company:   Storeforce

    Grants an employee access to a secure website application where they can view their individual schedule, review accepted timecard hours, and make time...

  • Engage

    Company:   Nextenture

    Engage is the only app that seamlessly integrates with your back-office solutions so that your customer commitments are perfectly aligned to your staf...

  • fastPAYE

    Company:   Shopworks

    fastPAYE by ShopWorks allows your staff to manage earned salary before payday via our mobile application. Employees do not and often cannot wait until...

  • FUYL Tower 15

    Company:   LocknCharge

    The FUYL Tower 15 is an Intelligent Asset Management System™ that charges, stores, secures and manages assets for most mobile devices in 15 individual...

  • HR Tools for Retail Workforce...

    Company:   SameSystem A/S

    SameSystem is your complete database of all employees, where all essential information such as wages and personnel records is stored. Any kind of upda...

  • KPI Coach

    Company:   Nextenture

    To succeed, your staff needs the right knowledge at the right time. With KPI Coach, you can launch training programs based on key operational metrics,...

  • Labour Scheduling

    Company:   Storeforce

    Aligns staffing to the opportunity walking through your doors to maximize sales and increase the return on labour spent.

  • Logile Enterprise Standards Manager and...

    Company:   Logile, Inc.

    Optimising store performance, without sacrificing customer service, requires an accurate understanding of your labour requirements. Our labour modelin...

  • Logile Food Safety

    Company:   Logile, Inc.

    Public demand for food safety transparency continues to grow, along with associated regulations and penalties. Our food safety solution helps retailer...

  • Logile Forecasting and Staff Planning

    Company:   Logile, Inc.

    Forecasting that misses the mark affects your store manager’s ability to adhere to plans and budgets. Our AI-driven, machine-learning forecasting solu...

  • Logile Performance Dashboards

    Company:   Logile, Inc.

    Managers must understand what is happening in their stores, when and even before it happens. Our performance dashboards deliver the visual, real-time ...

  • Logile Retail Operations and Store...

    Company:   Logile, Inc.

    Achieving organisational change and transformation with any new initiative can be an exciting, yet daunting proposition. We set you up for success. Fr...

  • Logile Sales and Labour Planning

    Company:   Logile, Inc.

    Optimal store performance begins with an accurate plan. Our sales and labour planning solution leverages the data from Logile’s enterprise labour mode...

  • Logile Time and Attendance

    Company:   Logile, Inc.

    Time is money; reduce risk and get automated. Accurately configure and manage complex pay, attendance, benefit and time-keeping rules, governmental re...

  • Logile Wall to Wall Labour Scheduling

    Company:   Logile, Inc.

    To deliver the best service at lowest cost, you must schedule every employee in every department storewide at the right time, place and role. Our solu...

  • Metro Employee Management

    The Employee Management module provides a simple and effective HR application – from new starters & leavers to change of details, all of this and more...

  • Metro Map

    Metro is a cross-functional digital workplace, designed to achieve perfect coordination, compliance and execution in multi-site environments such as R...

  • Metro Work Force Management

    The Metro Workforce Management module offers a flexible and effective labour scheduling toolset that can optimise scheduling by store, week and unique...

  • ONVU Retail Solution

    Company:   ONVU Retail

    ONVU Retail provides business intelligence and insights for retailers. Our one-solution that improves the operations of loss prevention, visual mercha...

  • Putnam Charging Station

    Company:   LocknCharge

    The Putnam Charging Station is designed to charge, store and secure 8 or 16 iPad Devices. The Putnam 8 and Putnam 16 Charging Stations feature color-c...

  • Reflexis Workforce Scheduler

    Company:   Reflexis

    Using retail-specific forecasting algorithms and AI, Workforce Scheduler helps you optimize your labour spend and ensure compliance with complex labou...

  • ReTime. Workstudy Apps and Analytics

    Company:   ReThink Productivity

    Apps offer game-changing productivity insights simply and quickly – the app allows businesses to collect, review and analyse work study data instant...

  • Rotageek Overview

  • ServiceSense

    Company:   Nextenture

    ServiceSense is a new, collaborative approach to calculating the exact time your team member needs to deliver the customer experience that makes your ...

  • StoreHub

    Company:   Nextenture

    StoreHub is specifically built to collect all information about your retail locations in one place. Most retailers simply pick one of the back office ...

  • The MAZE Everyday Training APP

    Company:   Maze Feedback

    The MAZE APP helps your store colleagues focus on the real drivers of customer experience.

  • The Perfect Retail App

    Company:   SameSystem A/S

    The Check-In App is a powerful solution for a better workday. The app provides an overview for all employees on a daily basis. Employees can also requ...

  • Time Attendance Solutions

    Company:   Safescan

    Enhance your workforce productivity effortlessly and conveniently with TimeMoto, the ultimate time and attendance solution. Our intelligent terminals ...

  • VESA

    Attaches Olive to anything that supports a VESA mount. Ideal if used in combination with a Colebrook Bosson Saunders monitor arm. Accommodates tabl...

  • VoCoVo Callpoints

    Company:   VoCoVo

    With VoCoVo CallPoints customers can press a customer service button to request help. This broadcasts a message to staff with headsets or handsets, te...

  • VoCoVo Go Starter Pack

    Company:   VoCoVo

    VoCoVo Go is your first step to instant team communication. Everything you need arrives in the box – just plug in, charge the headsets, and start ins...

  • VoCoVo Handsets

    Company:   VoCoVo

    VoCoVo Handsets help your employees communicate with customers and each other.

  • VoCoVo Headsets

    Company:   VoCoVo

    Our lightweight, robust headsets instantly connect teams across different aisles, floors, and even buildings.

  • VoCoVo KeyPads

    Company:   VoCoVo

    These KeyPad staff paging systems allow checkout colleagues to request support at the press of a button – support such as price checking, a question f...

  • Workforce Dimensions Absence Management

    Company:   Kronos Incorporated

    Without accurate methods for tracking absences and their impact, organisations may be unaware of how much they’re really paying for absenteeism. Now, ...

  • Workforce Dimensions Analytics

    Company:   Kronos Incorporated

    Gaining timely access to workforce information that provides valuable business insights can be difficult when legacy systems restrict access to data a...

  • Workforce Dimensions Compensation...

    Company:   Kronos Incorporated

    If you’re still manually managing your compensation planning by sending worksheets back and forth, leaving you unsure if your compensation data is acc...

  • Workforce Dimensions Data Collection

    Company:   Kronos Incorporated

    Manual time collection methods are error-prone and inefficient. Automated Kronos® time-tracking software works together with our data collection devic...

  • Workforce Dimensions HR

    Company:   Kronos Incorporated

    The Workforce Dimensions™ HR solution allows your HR staff to spend less time on time-consuming administrative processes and more time on top prioriti...

  • Workforce Dimensions Performance...

    Company:   Kronos Incorporated

    Driving employee engagement & developing top talent relies on your ability to evaluate, mentor & reward employees for their achievements. This soluti...

  • Workforce Dimensions Scheduling

    Company:   Kronos Incorporated

    Slow & inaccurate scheduling processes can make it difficult to schedule a diverse workforce — and can result in decreased productivity, wasted labour...

  • Workforce Dimensions Talent Acquisition

    Company:   Kronos Incorporated

    In a candidate-driven labour market, refining your recruiting practices to meet time-to-hire and cost-to-hire goals is becoming more complex – and rec...

  • Workforce Dimensions Timekeeping -...

    Company:   Kronos Incorporated

    Workforce Dimensions™ Hourly Timekeeping is built specifically for reducing payroll errors and costly overtime for hourly employees. It helps improve ...

  • Workforce Dimensions Timekeeping:...

    Company:   Kronos Incorporated

    Using manual or disparate systems to manage employee time & attendance can make it difficult to manage workforce expenses or gain visibility into cost...

  • Wranx

    Company:   Wranx

    Wranx is a technology-based training tool that uses Personalised Spaced Repetition to provide tailored learning that improves knowledge retention and ...