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  • Anansi XR Platform (code name Ugo)

    Company:   Anansi

    The platform can be utilised by different sectors and industries to create persistent, cross-platform Augmented Reality Experiences. In the Retail ind...

  • ASAP iRetail In-Store Analytics

    A small, cloud-connected device on the store's ceiling which can count & identify people, measure temperature and detect smoke/fire. The included adva...

  • Attensi Behaviour

    Company:   Attensi

    Full 3D simulations for behaviour and leadership training, using realistic scenarios and environments to achieve long-term adoption of new behaviour. ...

  • Attensi Process

    Company:   Attensi

    Realistic and entertaining simulations of IT-centric processes, enabling employees to master new IT programs quickly. Includes both tracking and certi...

  • Augmented Reality Development

    Company:   Anansi

  • DemoGraphics

    Company:   Multiverse Analytics

    Using current IP camera technology, Demographics captures facial expression and in Nanoseconds, transforms the data in to an anonymised, vectorised da...

  • Detego Smart Fitting Room

    Company:   Detego

    The Smart Fitting room detects what items have been brought into the fitting room, and displays them for the customer. It also provides information li...

  • Detego Store

    Company:   Detego

    The Detego Store solutions represents a quick start into the digital store. As a mobile, RFID-based SaaS solution, the multi-user app provides intelli...

  • IT Consulting and Digital Transformation

    Company:   Anansi

    Our technology consulting services help you steer your transformation with the latest technology, design thinking and agility, while also energizing y...

  • LiveDrawer

    Company:   Tellermate

    See how LiveDrawer can eliminate cash counting for your business.

  • MARK Display

    Company:   ProGlove

    MARK Display is the first ProGlove with a 1,54” e-ink display to provide your workers with vital information at a glance. MARK Display‘s intuitive h...

  • Max Mobile Workstations

    MAX mobile workstation is a mobile carrier with on-board power enabling operators to transport all IT resources and other tools to where it is needed...