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  • Omnivue® Hub

    Company:   Data Clarity Limited

  • ONVU Retail Solution

    Company:   ONVU Retail

    ONVU Retail provides business intelligence and insights for retailers. Our one-solution that improves the operations of loss prevention, visual mercha...

  • Open Frame Touchscreen

    Company:   Elo Touch Solutions

    Designed for touch from the start with proven Elo expertise and reliability built in, the open frame touchscreen offers a state-of-the-art slim design...

  • OPN-2001

    Company:   Opticon Limited

    The OPN-2001 is a simple and small laser scanner that can easily fit in your pocket. It is designed for easy use and convenient incorporation in any p...

  • OPN-2006

    Company:   Opticon Limited

    OPN-2006 is a versatile product and its uses vary from small stores to bigger companies for their inventory management, asset tracking, visitor regist...

  • Opticon App Builder

    Company:   Opticon Limited

    The Opticon App Builder is ideal for developing low cost applications such as Stock Taking and Asset Management for the OPH-3001 and OPH-1005. We’ve d...


    Company:   OneStock

    OneStock POS application offers retailers and their clients a modern route to access the brand's entire catalogue and to check the quantity available....

  • Overhead RFID Security Gates

    Company:   ITL Group

    An alternative to Security Gates, Overhead Security Gates detect the tagged items passing below the antenna, verify if those items have been paid for,...