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  • P2

    P2 is a successor of P1, but with more features and high performance. It support all bank card payment, including MSR, Chip card, NFC card and QR code...

  • P2 Lite

    Portable like a mobile phone, the P2 Lite is the thinnest SUNMI device and can be easily put into your pocket while working. P2 LITE supports all kin...

  • P2 Pro

    Hand-held payment terminal. Supports onmi-channel payments, including magnetic stripe card, IC card, NFC, QR code payment.

  • Pay by Bank app

    Pay by Bank app is a new online checkout option that lets you pay using the bank app on your phone. It's designed to make online checkout easier, whil...

  • Payment Processing

    Company:   PayXpert

    Our Payment Gateway, together with our Business Intelligence Dashboard and our Connect2pay payment page solution are the result of years of experience...

  • PayPoint® Plus POS System

    Company:   Elo Touch Solutions

    PayPoint Plus ( available for Android, iPad and Windows) is a new all-in-one mPOS solution that brings unmatched style to the point of sale with a dis...

  • PC-3DR Stereoscopic Traffic Camera

    Company:   Prodco Analytics

    PC-3DR™ stereoscopic camera leverages high speed 3D video processing, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technology to accurately count shoppers entering and exiting...

  • PE-292

    Company:   Opticon Limited

    What diversifies the PE-292 from our traditional ESL solution, is the added value of NFC, LED indicators and sound feedback. This enables you to use c...

  • Peak Ryzex At-A-Glance Datasheet

    Company:   Peak-Ryzex

  • PeopleCounting

    Company:   Multiverse Analytics

    You can count on us to deliver accurate PeopleCounting combined with powerful intelligence, the latest technology in video analytics. They integrate d...

  • Perfect Retail Labour Scheduling

    Company:   SameSystem A/S

    With SameSystem, scheduling is based on KPIs and additional data from the system. Open shifts, last-minute absences, late arrivals and lend-outs a...

  • Phoenix Kiosk Self-Service Kiosk

    A modern design Self-Service Kiosk produced in a range of aesthetic finishes, with the full compliment of transaction options available, including chi...