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  • 3C Integra

    Company:   3C Payment

    The 3C Integra payment service comprises 2 solutions; Integra Terminal & Integra Platform. The Terminal application manages multiple payment flows acr...

  • 3C Portal

    Company:   3C Payment

    3C Portal is our proprietary web portal, used to manage transactions and reconcile data with reporting tools. The portal is accessible via any online ...

  • 3C POS

    Company:   3C Payment

    3C Payment’s “3C POS” payment application drives transaction requests to the PED terminal device, and manages communications between the PED and the 3...

  • 416 ST2 Slide Out SMARTtill Solution

    Company:   APG Cash Drawer

    The SMARTtill Solution® is a new revolution in cash management, enabling retailers to reduce cash losses, reduce the cost of cash handling, and improv...

  • 460 ST2 102mm High Flip Lid SMARTtill...

    Company:   APG Cash Drawer

    The SMARTtill Solution® is a new revolution in cash management, enabling retailers to reduce cash losses, reduce the cost of cash handling, and improv...

  • 58mm printer

    Equipped with 58mm high-performance Seiko thermal print head with a print speed of 165mm/s, it can print receipts in real time and free of getting stu...

  • 65″ Smart Signage Series | SL6502K |...

    Company:   BenQ

    Show off your content the way it’s meant to be seen. The Pantone Validated SL6502K is the first and only digital signage of its kind that guarantees o...

  • A920 Android Mobile Terminal

    ● PCI PTS 5.x SRED ● PayDroid Powered by Android ● 5250mAh Rechargeable Li-ion Battery ● Multiple Communications ● 1D & 2D Code Scanning ● Dua...

  • Accurate Budgeting with Business...

    Company:   SameSystem A/S

    SameSystem’s business intelligence calculates highly reliable monthly and daily budgets with formulas based on neural networking, analysing several ye...

  • Accurate Customer Flow with Business...

    Company:   SameSystem A/S

    Advanced business intelligence accurately predicts customer flow for your stores using the budget, assigned tasks and the personal productivity of eac...

  • Acrylic Blocks & Shapes

    Company:   3D Displays Ltd

    A selection of acrylic blocks made from clear, black or frosted acrylic. A range of mirror shapes are also available. These display products also lo...

  • Acrylic Display Stands available from...

    Company:   3D Displays Ltd

    3D Displays manufacture hundreds of acrylic display items available from stock for quick delivery. The stock range includes this popular and versatil...

  • Actionable Analytics

    Company:   Red Ant

    Understand and expand your business with a unified in-store solution powered by real-time data and analytics. Our analytics dashboard brings all your ...

  • Alternative Payment Processing

    Company:   PayXpert

    With PayXpert you can go international with local payment methods. Our solutions enable merchants to do business worldwide. PayXpert is connected with...

  • Anansi XR Platform (code name Ugo)

    Company:   Anansi

    The platform can be utilised by different sectors and industries to create persistent, cross-platform Augmented Reality Experiences. In the Retail ind...

  • AnyPos100

    AnyPos 100 is an all-in-one compact POS with built-in thermal printer and customer display. With 9.7″/12.1″/14/15/15.6″ Pcap touch screen. Powerful In...

  • AnyPos600

    AnyPos 600 Series is a newly developed 15″ touch terminal. With iButton, fingerprint reader and thermal printer, it can meet all demands on the high-e...

  • ASAP iRetail In-Store Analytics

    A small, cloud-connected device on the store's ceiling which can count & identify people, measure temperature and detect smoke/fire. The included adva...

  • Assisted Sales

    Company:   Red Ant

    Our assisted sales app brings all the benefits of online to the shop floor. In-store devices and digital displays give store associates instant access...

  • Attensi Behaviour

    Company:   Attensi

    Full 3D simulations for behaviour and leadership training, using realistic scenarios and environments to achieve long-term adoption of new behaviour. ...

  • Attensi Process

    Company:   Attensi

    Realistic and entertaining simulations of IT-centric processes, enabling employees to master new IT programs quickly. Includes both tracking and certi...

  • Attensi Skills

    Company:   Attensi

    Fun training on the smartphone, with a feature-rich simulation platform for competence training. High learning effect through stimulating and engaging...

  • Augmented Reality Development

    Company:   Anansi

  • Automatic Payroll Processing

    Company:   SameSystem A/S

    Eliminate the need for anyone to do salary calculations with SameSystem’s automatic payroll processing. The system takes into account salary suppl...